Dryer Vent Wizard understands that our franchisee’s success is our success and we prove it with our outstanding training and support programs. We begin working with franchisees immediately after they sign their franchise agreement and continue to provide a high level of ongoing training and support years later.

Initial Training

Since we created this business category, our training is designed specifically for this industry. The support we offer is based on our business model and comes directly from experts who actually own and operate one of our franchises. That’s why our training and support attracts serious people like you, who want to take the next step in owning a trusted business with a proven track record. Our franchisees feel like family from the beginning, as they receive the complete training and on-going support of the DVW systems.

  • A network of seasoned franchisees who love to help each other become even more successful.
  • Five days of classroom training at the home office, located in Farmington Hills, MI. During this time, we cover all aspects of the business.
  • Three to five days of field training in South Carolina. What better way to learn than to actually experience all of the action?
  • Ongoing support from the home office. Our professional team is available and waiting to help our franchisees grow their business.

We do our best to provide our franchisees with everything they need to know at just the right time.

Ongoing Training and Support

Whether they have been in business for a month or 10 years, every business owner can use some support every now and then. The same holds true for Dryer Vent Wizard franchisees, and with our strong system, franchisees have many places they can turn to get the support they need:

Home Office & Franchise System Support

Usually, the first and most recommended option for ongoing franchisee support is to call the knowledgeable staff located at the home office. On a daily basis, this talented team helps franchisees with issues and questions related to marketing, accounting, scheduling and more. With well over a decade of experience in the dryer vent cleaning industry and decades of franchise experience, we have seen many of the issues our franchisees are encountering and often have a quick and easy answer to their questions.

The Dryer Vent Wizard Franchise Family

The Dryer Vent Wizard system is truly one big family and because of this family feel, franchisees often help each other when they have questions. We have heard countless stories of franchisees working together to discuss marketing initiatives, various ways to complete jobs, and ways to work with customers.

With an open line of communication between franchisees, as well as with the home office, the ability to find answers quickly allows our franchisees to make crucial decisions in a timely manner. This all adds to a healthy bottom line for our owners.

Dryer Vent Wizard Scheduling Center

Successfully starting an owner-operated, home-based business requires hard work, detailed planning, and a way to take a lot of phone calls to continue booking business. These phone calls can be difficult for the average owner trying to make their start. The typical options are answering the phone at inopportune times (while with a customer) or hiring staff to handle the calls which can be very expensive. Neither of these options may seem like a great plan, but with a DVW franchise, you do not need to worry about either.

Our National Scheduling Center is located right in our corporate headquarters in Farmington Hills, MI and is staffed from 7:00 am EST to 9:00 pm EST Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am EST to 5:00 pm EST on Saturdays, and from 11:00 am EST to 3:00 pm EST on Sundays. 

Our well-trained and knowledgeable scheduling center representatives handle all of the incoming calls for our entire system of franchisees across the U.S. and Canada. This professional staff answers questions and books appointments using our web-based calendaring system that all franchisees use to manage their weekly schedules.

In addition to all of the phone work, the hard-working scheduling center staff also helps to assemble and ship out our national mailings throughout the year. This makes it much easier for our franchisees to stay in front of potential customers and referral sources.

Finally, the scheduling center also places outgoing calls to existing customers to schedule maintenance and re-cleaning appointments for franchisees. This service provides a great opportunity for ongoing business and recurring revenue for our franchisees without the need for them to take the time to place the calls or spend money on marketing.

Marketing Support

Our advertising brings customers to you! 

We use proven methods of local advertising, such as direct mail. For customers who like to research companies on the Internet, we have a great Internet marketing plan. And, for those “social customers,” we can be found on Facebook and Twitter. On social media, we have a large following and actual photos that confirm why our customers need our service.

Our family of franchisees pride themselves on their fantastic public relations. The proof is found at our scheduling center where 80% of our new calls are booked during the first conversation, and over 90% of those booked appointments become paying jobs that our franchisees service in their own exclusive territory.

Our Franchisees Are Not Alone!

At Dryer Vent Wizard, we believe that marketing is a team effort between the franchisee and the home office. We know that not every business owner is a marketing professional. In fact, very few are. Our in-house advertising and marketing professionals provide excellent marketing support services intended to increase our brand’s visibility with consumers within our franchisees’ exclusive territories.


Wizard University

Our Wizard University program provides information sheets that include easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to do various jobs a franchisee may encounter while at a customer’s home or business. If it has been a while since the franchisee has performed a specific task, Wizard University is a perfect way for them to get the refresher they need to handle the job.

All of our Wizard University sheets are included in the flat rate pricing book that is carried by all of our franchisees. These sheets have become an invaluable tool for franchisees to use while in the field.

Dryer Vent Wizard Mobile Training Unit 

In 2014, our Wizard University expanded beyond informational sheets and hit the road with a new Mobile Training Unit. With a trailer full of dryers, a few caffeinated beverages, and strong will to see our franchisees succeed, our Wizard U crew toured the country and racked up the following stats:

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