Starting a business takes dedication, perseverance, hard work, and often some long hours which can be hard on the owner’s home life with family. Dryer Vent Wizard’s home-based business opportunity eliminates the need for the owner to be away from their family for long hours on a daily basis, making the transition to business ownership a much more enjoyable experience.

Even while our franchisees are in the field servicing customers, they typically work a 9-5 schedule which means they are home every night for dinner with their family. Of course, it is your business and our shared calendaring system makes it very easy for both our franchisees and Scheduling Center to stay on track.



As your owner operated business grows, you have the option to add vans and technicians. Many franchisees have grown their Dryer Vent Wizard franchise into a multi-van business that uses technicians in the field.

If adding vans and technicians/employees isn’t of interest, you can keep your Dryer Vent Wizard as an owner-operated business. We have both types of franchisees in our system and we are here to support you either way!

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