Dryer lint is extremely flammable – so much so, that avid campers often use dryer lint as kindling to get their campfires going. With this in mind, it’s absolutely crucial for homeowners to clean out their dryer vents annually to prevent any fires. From 2010 to 2014, fire departments responded to almost 16,000 home fires involving clothing dryers each year!

These fires put residents at risk for injury and can cause severe property damage. The potential costs – financial and emotional – that result from a dryer vent fire far outweigh the price of preventative cleanings. The best protection is prevention—and Dryer Vent Wizard franchisees are the first line of defense.

How Much Does A Dryer Vent Fire Cost?

A home fire can wreak havoc on drywall and structural elements, and it will quickly eat up belongings. Not to mention, there’s a risk of injury and the emotional toll a fire takes on residents. Residential fires affect all that they touch, and the smoke and ash can damage non-burned areas of the home.

Clogged dryer exhaust is the top cause for dryer vent fires. This means a fire can grow inside homeowners’ walls, making it easy to spread and harder to detect. This can be caused by a few common problems:

  • Homes with longer dryer vents are at a higher risk. It takes the lint longer to get out and has more opportunities to get stuck in a 20 foot vent.
  • Additionally, outdated materials like foil accordion vent connections are often a culprit. These are particularly susceptible to clogs and should be replaced with a code compliant metal alternative.

Structural integrity is compromised when a fire burns within walls. Damaged homes are at risk for cave-ins or collapses. A small contained dryer vent fire can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 in damage and larger ones can even result in total property loss. The aforementioned 16,000 fires racked up an estimated $238 million in property damage. Dryer Vent Wizard franchisees perform the sort of preventative maintenance that helps homeowners avoid catastrophe.

The Value of Preventative Maintenance

On top of a yearly cleaning, Dryer Vent Wizard owners can play a key role in helping homeowners mitigate the risk of fires. Dryer vent fires spread quickly and can cause costly damage. It’s a risk easily prevented with routine maintenance and annual cleaning. This service is not only in high demand—it is a critical function that keeps homeowners safe and secure.

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