Looking for a franchise opportunity that fits your budget and experience? Dryer Vent Wizard’s scaled investment options make us a perfect choice for both first-time business owners and seasoned entrepreneurs. If you want to skip the single-van owner-operator model and move straight to managing technicians and serving a larger territory, you might be a good candidate for our Executive Model.

What’s Different about the Executive Model?

The Executive Model is an excellent fit for franchisees who want to build a legacy business, expand their franchise portfolio or take time to pursue other ventures.

Under this model, franchisees get two branded vans and hire at least one technician right from the start. This lets them service a larger territory and generate more revenue.

As time goes on, franchisees can buy additional territories to further scale their operations.

Who is a Good Fit for the Executive Model?

Anyone with the desire and the qualifications can invest in an Executive Territory. But this option is especially appealing to those who want to:

  • Build a legacy business: The Executive Model is an ideal setup for a family business. Family members can manage different sections of larger territories, or start as technicians and work their way up.
  • Expand a franchise portfolio: Some Dryer Vent Wizard franchisees own complementary brands, like other home services concepts. The Executive Model is a good fit for multi-unit franchisees who want to add a simple, yet profitable concept to their portfolios and maximize their return on investment (ROI).
  • Pursue other interests: If you hire a manager and technicians, your Dryer Vent Wizard business can run in your absence. This allows franchisees to work on other ventures, travel, spend time with family or pursue outside interests.

How Does the Initial Investment Differ?

Since the Executive Model comes with an additional van and a larger territory, it involves a higher initial investment. However, it also yields a higher potential ROI as referrals and brand awareness drive exponential sales growth.

Here is a breakdown of our territory types and their associated costs:

  Standard Enhanced Executive
Total Estimated Initial Investment $54,650 –


$64,650 –


$107,850 –


Whether you’re looking for a straightforward, owner-operated mobile franchise or a high-performing concept to fold into your franchise portfolio, Dryer Vent Wizard has an option that meets your needs. Our Executive Model allows owners to invest more capital and scale their businesses right from the start.

To learn more about Dryer Vent Wizard’s unique business model and strong returns, download our free franchise report.